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The Lost Ingredients Lab is the inaugural project of Genesis. It began as a pilot to address the gaps and challenges in the food and agri sector for local regenerative agricultural ingredients, underutilized but possessing high nutrient value to reach in the international market. Following a market feasibility study 4 ingredients, young jackfruit, gotukola, seaweed and mushroom were chosen.

The companies accepted into the Garage programme where 3 SMEs would be groomed to enter the international market were based on these ingredients. An accelerator programme was also run parallel, where 3 tech companies would be empowered to reinvent the local agri and food sector through technologies such as block chain, traceability, and dehydration services.

Plant Based manufactures a vegan burger patty product using organic young jackfruit. Their vision is for clean and healthy plant-based foods. They also have a range of other plants-based products that they are constantly innovating and improving.

Lak Nature International manufactures dehydrated fruit, vegetables, pot-herbs, pharmaceutical herbs and spices. They launched in 2019 with a range of dehydrated products, in-brine products and FMCG products.

Ceylon Aqua and Agri is unleashing the boundless potential of seaweed through ethical harvesting in Mannar and by empowering local communities through employment. The company is a subsidiary under Premadasas Holdings.

Polar is a real-time end-to-end traceability solution for sustainable supply chain optimization. It ensures that all food products are safe from farm to fork while enabling traceability

Niftron is a Blockchain as a Service platform. They have developed a plug and play model along with all its necessary components and services allowing easy integration of blockchain with any business or industry.

The scale up shop

Tilma Berlo Boba Bubbles (Tilma Lanka Pvt Ltd) - Ashen Theekshana

Charcoal briquettes and bio char from agricultural waste (EcoCharko) - Danushka Bandara

Vegan Sausages from Banana Stems - Iresha Perera, Akeel Sahan & Ushani Chanika

100% healthy, ready to eat full of natural flavors fish products with its own authentic unique flavors from the Indian ocean (Sri Lanka) to the world - Blue Fish Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd - Bhagya Sandakalum

Designing, prototyping, building and execution of modernized stone squeezer (“Sekkuwa”) to extract organic virgin sesame oil with high nutrition content - Celebration Holdings (Pvt) Ltd - Dilan Fernando

Kombucha (Non-alcoholic beverage made by fermenting tea) - Cecrafto (Pvt) Ltd - Rifak Ahmed

Plant based pastes and condiments - Wild Rabbits Products - Indika Siriwardana

Mushroom Sausages - Little Farm Mushrooms - Manoja Prasanthi Marasinghe

Nutritious, vegan, appealing. Jackfruit seed flour-based eggs - Uncle Jack - Dinidu Edirisinghe, Thushara Gunawardhana, W.M.S Dayanath, Nishadha Gamage and Madhumadhi Premanath

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